Richard J. Quigg, MD, University of Chicago Medical Center

“Therapeutic Complement Manipulation in a Novel Murine Lupus Nephritis Model”

2011 Lupus Nephritis Research Grant

This grant award is made possible through support of the Louis Berkowitz Family Foundation and with funds contributed by the LFA, Illinois Chapter.

Inflammation occurring in the kidneys of people with lupus (lupus nephritis) can have devastating consequences, such as the development of end-stage kidney failure. A group of proteins called the complement system are important to fight infection, but also can also cause inflammation in the kidneys of people with lupus. Dr. Quigg’s studies utilize a mouse model of lupus that develops severe complement-dependent lupus nephritis. Dr. Quigg’s studies use five individual drugs that target different portions of the complement system of proteins. Particularly because current therapies for lupus nephritis are toxic and non-specific, new treatment options for lupus nephritis are badly needed. Dr. Quigg’s studies may pave the way towards the use of new specific and less toxic drugs to treat lupus nephritis in humans