Report Guides Efforts to Accelerate Delivery of New Lupus Medicines

We take our leadership role to solve the cruel mystery of lupus very seriously and speed development of new treatments for lupus.  Part of our responsibility includes asking the difficult, unanswered questions, addressing the gaps in lupus research and exploring the most complex areas others thought to be too challenging.

Overcoming Barriers to Drug Development in LupusIn 2009, we commissioned a landmark report to gain better understanding of the obstacles that stand in the way of developing new medicines for people with lupus. The Lewin Group authored the report, “Overcoming the Barriers to Drug Development in Lupus,” which is the first-of-is-kind to detail obstacles and provide a roadmap for the Foundation's activities now and into the future. 

The Foundation responded. We began working immediately with key stakeholders to address each barrier. These efforts have resulted in a collection of far-reaching initiatives that seek to do the following:

  • Improve lupus clinical study design
  • Develop new and precise measurement tools to evaluate how well a potential medicine works
  • Provide the lupus research community with standardized training on disease activity measurement tools used in lupus studies
  • Connect people interested in participating in a research study with active clinical trials

The Lewin report provides a landmark set of findings and recommendations that help us more effectively advance our understanding of lupus. Our initiatives are strong, each providing new data, discoveries and connections. We are confident that their continued success will help usher new medicines to people with lupus faster and bring us closer than ever before to solving the cruel mystery of lupus.