LIFELINE Grant Program™

Lupus Foundation of America established its LIFELINE Grant Program™ in response to the current lupus research funding environment and the potential decline in scientific momentum and loss of current and future lupus investigators.  The Foundation observed that the federal research funds devoted to lupus were already inadequate prior to the recent funding freeze and, as part of its mission, has worked for many years to increase the financial commitment to lupus research. Now, the recent across-the-board cuts in scientific research, while stifling progress in general, are especially damaging to lupus research. The most frustrating aspect of this is that lupus research has hit a pivotal mark. Scientific findings have placed us on the brink of breakthroughs at a time when federal funds—the largest funds available for lupus research—are disappearing. 

The Foundation sees this situation as a crisis and, in support of the community and the advancement of lupus research, has created the LIFELINE Grant Program.


The purpose of the LIFELINE Grant Program is to provide temporary salary support for faculty who experience a gap in external funding for a specific, previously funded research project due to the decreased funding available from government sources. The award is intended to keep an investigator’s project on track while they reapply for funding. Applications focusing on basic, clinical and/or translational research will be considered.

Award Funds

The LIFELINE Grant Program will provide two one-year grant awards, each in the amount of up to $140,000. This is a non-renewable award. 

Funds can be used at the discretion of the Primary Investigator but are limited to supporting salary and fringe benefits. The Foundation will not support use of the funds to cover indirect costs.

Request for Applications

The LIFELINE Grant Program is now accepting applications. Download the 2016 LIFELINE Request for Applications (RFA) to learn about eligibility, how to submit an application, evaluation criteria, and more.

2015 LIFELINE Grant Program™ Recipients

2014 LIFELINE Grant Program™ Recipients