LFA Collective Data Analysis Initiative (CDAI)

Developing new, safe and effective therapies for lupus is incredibly complex.

Researchers face multiple obstacles that can hinder their ability to show whether a potential treatment works or may be better than a current treatment.

The goal of the LFA CDAI is to improve clinical trials so we can have the arsenal of treatments needed for people living with lupus.

A Global Repository for Clinical Trial Information

In 2009, we established the LFA Collective Data Analysis Initiative (LFA CDAI), a first-in-lupus collaboration among multiple companies with a shared goal -- to improve our collective ability to get new treatments to people with lupus.

LFA CDAI combines data from pharmaceutical and biotechnology–sponsored lupus studies from across the world.  LFA CDAI biostatisticians analyze the data to identify trends and gain new insights.  The results will help the entire lupus research community conduct stronger clinical trials that produce more meaningful data, which in turn will accelerate the development of new therapies.

Facilitating Delivery of New Medicines by Improving Clinical Trial Design

Initial results are promising: Early findings have identified important trends. As LFA CDAI biostatisticians confirm these trends with the addition of more study data, the findings will offer new insight to researchers designing clinical trials.

Three additional research projects are currently underway. The projects expect to deliver results as well as more data that are valuable to the LFA CDAI in the near future.

Questions? Contact Lyna Merzoug [merzoug@lupus.org]