Jennifer Anolik, MD, PhD, University of Rochester

"B cells at the Adaptive-Innate Immune Interface in the Bone Marrow in Lupus"

This grant award is provided through a trust created in memory of Stephen and Catherine Pida.

Jennifer Anolik, MD PhDThis project focuses on new interactions between two immune cells involved in lupus: B cells and neutrophils. B cells are the key producers of autoantibodies. Neutrophils play an important role in fighting infections. In lupus, there is increasing evidence that suggests that neutrophils can inappropriately activate other cells.  The researchers have found that neutrophils are abundant in the lupus bone marrow. They will continue to explore how B cells and neutrophils interact in the bone marrow in people with lupus and in mouse studies. This research is important as a better understanding of disease development and progression will ultimately lead to new and personalized therapies for lupus. Learn more about Dr. Anolik's research.