Summer 2016 Gina M. Finzi Fellows

Six summer fellowships at $4,000 a piece were awarded in 2016 to the following students:

Pratyusha Banik
Seattle Children’s Hospital 
Mentor: Anne M. Stevens, MD, PhD
Project: PD-1 binders as lymphocyte modulatory agents 
Shreya Goyal
Baylor College of Medicine
Mentor: Scott Wenderfer, MD, PhD
Project: Safety of Kkdney biopsy in pediatric lupus nephritis 
Meghan Jobson
Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, UNC Kidney Center, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  
Mentor: Will Pendergraft, MD, PhD
Project: Characteristics, treatment and outcomes in males with lupus nephritis
Nicole Kim
Department of Rheumatology, University of Toronto
Mentor: Zahi Touma, MD, PhD
Project: Improving the assessment of cognitive function in SLE  
Mary O’Sullivan
Department of Medicine, Section of Rheumatology, Yale University 
Mentor: Joseph Craft, MD
Project: Contribution of distinct effector T cells in promoting SLE autoantibodies 
Seth Reighard
Center for Center for Autoimmune Genomics and Etiology, Immunology Graduate Program Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center 
Mentor: Stephen Waggoner, PhD
Project: Treatment of lupus nephritis using PD-L1-expressing natural killer cells