2016 - Dafna D. Gladman, MD, FRCPC

2016 Evelyn V. Hess Award

2016 Evelyn V. Hess Award Winner – DAFNA GLADMAN, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Dafna Gladman, Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto, received the 2016 Evelyn V. Hess, MD, MACP, MACR, Award from the Lupus Foundation of America. This award recognizes a clinical or basic researcher whose body of work has significantly advanced understanding of the pathophysiology, etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, or treatment of lupus. Dr. Gladman traveled to North America from her native Israel in the early 1970’s and completed her internal medicine and rheumatology training at the University of Toronto, where she earned her medical degree.  Dr. Gladman is one of the founders of the Systemic Lupus International Collaborating Clinics, or SLICC, an international group of researchers dedicated to clinical research on lupus.  Dafna served as its first chair over 20 years ago. Her name is synonymous with the development and validation of the SLEDAI Disease Activity Index which is now used in virtually every lupus clinical trial and longitudinal observational study of lupus around the world. Dr. Gladman has made a tremendous impact in distinguishing different lupus phenotypes.  She identified a subset of patients with serologically active, but clinically quiescent disease.  She also recognized that in the long-term, this group was very likely to flare. She was instrumental in “raising the alarm” that lupus patients were more prone to atherosclerosis and has performed several studies identifying patients at greatest risk. Dr. Gladman has also served in numerous advisory and committee roles. She has been a member of the LFA’s Medical-Scientific Advisory Council since 2007.  During that time, she has actively served as a member of its research subcommittee. She has been the co-director of the Lupus Database Research Program at the University of Toronto for 27 years and the Medical Advisor for Lupus Ontario for 34 years. She is a Master of the American College of Rheumatology.

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