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Lupus is the cruel mystery, and research is the key to solving this mystery and ending its brutal impact.  Years of disappointing results in lupus drug development suggest that a different approach is needed. Smarter research will generate faster progress.  We challenge what isn’t working and fund and support research that is most hopeful to uncover the causes of lupus, understand its progression, and accelerate the search for cures.

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How We are Advancing Research on Lupus:

Our Impact on Lupus Research

Throughout our history, the Lupus Foundation of America has made pioneering contributions toward ending the brutal impact of this misunderstood and unpredictable disease.  

  • We are the first lupus organization to dedicate funds toward research into cardiovascular disease in lupus.
  • We are the only lupus organization with a dedicated commitment to pediatric research.
  • We are the only lupus organization in the U.S. with a dedicated focus on unlocking the mysteries of lupus and its impact on the brain and kidneys.
  • We are the first lupus organization to fund adult stem cell research.
  • We have secured nearly $75 million in federal funding for lupus research, professional training and education through our advocacy initiatives.  
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About Lupus Foundation of America Research:

Discover below how we are re-energizing research on lupus by providing experienced leadership and knowledgeable coordination to realize our vision of a life free of lupus.

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Our Approach to Lupus Research

We take a strategic approach to lupus research that is as comprehensive as the disease is diverse.

Current Research Focus and Priorities

We convene stakeholders and rally support to tackle challenges people with lupus face today while laying a solid foundation to improve how lupus will be diagnosed and treated in the future.

Funded Research Projects and Awards

Through a rigorous peer-reviewed process, we fund research in areas of greatest need, all with the goal of improving the quality of life for people with lupus.

Scientific Initiatives to Advance Lupus Drug Development

We lead scientific initiatives to stimulate development of new, more tolerable and effective lupus treatments.

2018 Requests for Applications

Each year, the Foundation accepts applications to fund research that will expand our understanding of lupus and help develop more effective treatments.

Lupus Science & Medicine™

Lupus Science & Medicine™ is the first open access journal dedicated to the disease and will offer timely global access to the latest scientific advances in lupus.