Rallying Support to Elevate Lupus Research

Equally important to providing direct funding to lupus investigators, the Lupus Foundation of America rallies support to elevate lupus on the national healthcare agenda so it will receive the attention and research funding it deserves from public and private sources.  The Foundation has stimulated millions of dollars in new funds for research and professional development.  These funds have enabled lupus research studies and physician training programs that otherwise may not have been possible - many of which have the potential to lead to the next important breakthrough.

  • We work vigorously to encourage government and industry partners to step up their investment in lupus.
  • We convene stakeholders from industry, academia, medicine and government to improve the way new therapies for lupus are developed, studied and evaluated to provide an arsenal of new, safe and effective treatments. 

Discover the many ways that the Foundation is generating millions of dollars in new funding for lupus research.