Putting Lupus Research on the Fast Track for Success

Research on lupus must be as unique as the disease itself.  We provide leadership and coordination to make the nation’s research efforts more efficient so there can be faster progress.

  • Through a rigorous peer-reviewed process, we fund research in areas of greatest need, all with the goal of improving the quality of life for people with lupus.
  • We work with scientists, physicians, industry leaders and people with lupus to learn what causes lupus, why some people are at greater risk, and why lupus can affect so many different parts of the body so we can find more effective ways to stop it.
  • We share scientific information through Lupus Science and Medicine™, the Open Access scientific journal we founded with our partner BMJ (formerly called British Medical Journal), and use new research knowledge to improve how lupus is diagnosed and treated.
  • We support pioneering lupus researchers at all stages of their careers and recognize their achievements to help develop a new generation of lupus thought leaders.

Our efforts are re-energizing research on lupus.  We convene stakeholders and rally support to tackle challenges people with lupus face today while laying a solid foundation to improve how lupus will be diagnosed and treated in the future.