Fixing What Isn’t Working Well in Lupus Research

People with lupus need an arsenal of treatments. The smarter approach to development of new therapies involves improving how new medications are tested and the results evaluated to get more targeted and safer treatments to people with lupus faster.

  • We work to bring focus and efficiency to lupus research — from clinical trial design, to regulatory criteria for evaluation, definitions and training for clinicians on instruments used to evaluate and report results.
  • We have engaged top lupus experts to develop a more efficient tool to measure disease activity that will help secure approval of new treatments for lupus.
  • We educate people with lupus about opportunities to participate in research studies that hold promise to improve understanding and management of lupus.

The Foundation has engaged in several initiatives designed to fix what isn't working well in lupus research, with particular focus on improving clinical research and trials of potential new therapies for lupus.