Commitment to Advancing Research on Pediatric Lupus

It remains a cruel fact that lupus strikes children harder than adults. In children, lupus has more devastating symptoms and holds heart-breaking implications for a child’s development and longevity. We have responded to the unique challenges of this particularly cruel aspect of the disease by establishing the first and only national pediatric lupus research program to support research on lupus in children and teens.

  • We established the Michael Jon Barlin Pediatric Lupus Research Program to fund unique and unprecedented research initiatives into the causes and complications of childhood lupus and lead the charge to treat, cure and prevent this form of the disease.
  • The studies we fund in pediatric lupus are helping to develop new tools and techniques that will allow for more targeted treatments, find markers for early detection, and measure the impact of lupus on the quality of life for children and teens.

Learn more about the Foundation's Michael Jon Barlin Pediatric Lupus Research Program.