General News

General News | Oct. 26, 2018

LFA Statement on Administration’s Proposed International Pricing Index Model

The LFA is deeply concerned that the Administration’s proposed changes to Part B may limit patient access to current and future therapies.

General News | Oct. 18, 2018

LFA Studies Reveal Disparities in Care of Minority Patients and the Role of PCP’s in Care Management

Two studies reveal needs in lupus provider education and care practices for minority patients.

General News | Oct. 04, 2018

Lupus Foundation of America Announces Capability to Accept Cryptocurrencies

Now accepting donations in the form of cryptocurrency.

General News | Oct. 01, 2018

Looking Forward: Leadership Transition

Letter from outgoing Chair of the Lupus Foundation of America Board of Directors, Conrad H. Gehrmann.

General News | Oct. 01, 2018

LFA Appoints Stevan W. Gibson as President and CEO; Dr. Susan Manzi Elected Board Chair

Gibson and Manzi to focus on accelerating research toward better treatments and a cure

General News | Sep. 28, 2018

Lupus Experts Present Consensus Proposals to FDA for Advancing Clinical Trials and Health Outcomes

Lupus experts met with FDA for a Foundation-led delegation to discuss improving clinical trials and health outcomes.

General News | Sep. 28, 2018

President Signs Bill Providing $14 Million for Lupus Research

The president signed the DoD and LHHS spending bills for lupus research and education funding.

General News | Sep. 26, 2018

House Sends Lupus Research Funding to President’s Desk

The U.S. House of Representatives approves a spending package that will fund lupus research and education programs.