Dec. 12, 2017

Meet the Lupus Researcher Working to Save Children’s Lives

As a lupus researcher funded by the Lupus Foundation of America, Kathleen Sullivan, MD, PhD and her lab at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are working to develop a home test to assess kidney function in children. If successful this new, non-invasive diagnostic tool for pediatric lupus nephritis would help children avoid the need for a painful and invasive kidney biopsy.

Up to 80% of children with lupus will develop lupus nephritis. If not adequately controlled, lupus nephritis can lead to kidney failure, the need for chronic dialysis or kidney transplantation, and even death.

Dr. Sullivan’s work aims to give children a quicker, more accurate diagnosis so that they can start being treated as soon as possible. An earlier diagnosis and treatment can reduce the likelihood of renal failure, and improve the quality of life for children with lupus and their families.

Learn more about our research on lupus kidney disease.

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