What We Do

Lupus is a complex disease that requires a comprehensive strategy. Across the nation, we bring together all stakeholders with an interest in lupus to:

Drive Research that Advances the Science and Medicine of Lupus

Lead groundbreaking research initiatives, fund innovative studies, and advocate for increased public and private investment in lupus research to advance the science and medicine of lupus;

Educate and Support People with Lupus, Their Caregivers and Healthcare Providers

Translate research findings into useful programs, information, and tools for people with lupus, and those who care for them, so they are armed with the latest knowledge on diagnosing, treating and caring for individuals with lupus.

Advocate on Behalf of Everyone Affected by Lupus

Educate policy makers in Washington and state capitals, conduct outreach efforts to increase public understanding of lupus, and share stories of those who suffer from the disease to rally public support to join the fight to end lupus.

Lead the Only National Force Devoted to Solving the Mystery of Lupus

We execute programs through our unified force of chapters, offices, and support groups in communities nationally.  Together we provide caring support and referrals to people with lupus, their families and their caregivers, and help guide them through the complexities of living with lupus.