Medical-Scientific Advisory Council

The Lupus Foundation of America Medical-Scientific Advisory Council (MSAC) is composed of thought leaders from the various medical specialty areas related to lupus, including: adult and pediatric rheumatology, nephrology and dermatology. 

The MSAC supports the Foundation as it pursues its three disease-specific goals to: Reduce the time to diagnosis, ensure that individuals with lupus have an arsenal of safe and effective treatments, and expand direct services and increase access to treatment and care. 

Through its efforts, the MSAC plays a critical role for the LFA, advancing the science and medicine of lupus not only through work in research and advocacy, but also in supporting professional and patient education efforts, peer-review of our funding opportunities, and the development of evidence-based research programs addressing urgent and unmet needs.

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Each MSAC member serves on one of three sub-committees described below:

Government Relations and Advocacy Subcommittee

The MSAC Government Relations and Advocacy Committee assists the Foundation in furthering its advocacy efforts through activities such as:  drafting responses to FDA guidance, developing white papers, representing LFA on lupus related federal subcommittees and more.

Research and Standards Subcommittee

The MSAC Research and Standards Committee advises the Foundation on research and professional education initiatives though ensuring the quality of scientific research methodology and scientific review in forming evidence based programs and resources for constituents and medical professionals. Subcommittee members also serve as representatives for the Foundation in various scientific meetings and other scientific endeavors

Grant Review Subcommittee

The MSAC Grant Review Subcommittee advises the Foundation on strategic directions of research funding for the future by reviewing grant proposals, securing reviewers for the Foundation’s grant programs, and promotion of the Foundation’s requests for grant applications.